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"A Symphony for the Senses"

Chef Vince

-Chef Vince Dodson

Fleur De Lis

Meet The Chef

I have been a chef for 20+ years trained the European Way. I believe having been trained by the right chefs at the right time in my life has had such an impact on my career. I learned to bake handmade breads, chocolates, and everything in between.
Being a private chef is a venture I started about 8 years ago and I am having the time of my life. It gives me a chance to express everything that I have learned from the history and taste of French and Italian cuisine. My passion is diving into the history of the dishes I create and the chefs that originally brought them to life. I take great pride in the details and presentation of the plates we serve.
My only wish: To cook for you and the ones closest to you.

Handcrafted menus

Each menu is handcrafted by Chef Vince Dodson with French and Italian influences
Fleur De Lis
Fleur De Lis

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We feature many fantastic selections from Accent on Wine at our dinner services and other events!


If anyone is looking for a private chef/catering let me highly recommend Historical Dining - Personal Chef. Our anniversary gift took crazy planning and was a logistical nightmare for all, but Vince Dodson stood behind and encouraged my fantasy. My idea seemed easy enough: a romantic dinner for two... on a deserted island. With some help from some VERY generous friends, we were all able to make it happen. Did I mention that Chef Vince had to prepare everything in advance and cook it on a propane stove. All of the tables, linens, tableware, etc. needed to be taken by boat and set up before my wife and I arrived. No problem! The company was fantastic and the food was to die for! Everyone went well above and beyond what we could have hoped. It was definitely an anniversary Debbie Lay Weiss and I won't forget.

Guest Review Photo

Todd Weiss, Charleston

Toasted Almond Banana Nut Bread
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