What we do...

Chef Vince Dodson creates a unique experience by combining fine dining with history. Historical Dining focuses on French & Italian cuisine with recipes that date back to Nineteenth Century France and The Roman Empire. Throughout the dining experience, you learn about the history behind your dish.  

Historical Dining is perfect for: weddings, anniversaries, date night, girls night, birthday parties, family gatherings, business events, celebrations, and even your own home. Wherever you may be, we bring the fine dining experience to you! We come fully equipped with linens, china, utensils, food to prepare and more. 

We also encourage you to join Chef Vince in the kitchen before and during dinner where you may ask him questions as he preps. The entire purpose of Historical Dining is to give you the best treatment all the while creating a great relationship.

The care that Chef Vince and his staff invest in the experience is clearly seen from the creative table settings all the way to the last bite.


Book us to experience everything that we have to offer. Great food, great people, sensational times.